Room 1 Visit the Lab Gallery

Last week the children from room 1 visited the Lab Gallery. The boys and girls have been working with Sheena Barrett {Layla’s mum} since Christmas time. Sheena has visited us on six different occasions where the children looked deeply at paintings from various artists using Visual Thinking Strategies. The children really enjoyed the project, the visit to the Lab Gallery and working with Jane an artist in the Lab Gallery.

A big ‘thank you’ to Sheena for facilitating the trip.                                 

Second Class Sports Day!

Well done boys and girls in Second Class!

Wildlife Projects in Room 2

The boys and girls in Room 2 have been doing lots of research about wild animals over the past couple of weeks. Everyone chose a wild animal to base their project on. The project consisted of three parts.

First, the children did a written project, gathering lots of information about their animal at home and also using the computers in school.

After doing their written project, the children created their art project. Some children used recycled materials such as shoeboxes to create the habitat of their animal. Some children arranged all of their facts, along with some pictures onto a sheet of card.

Finally, each child presented their project to the class. Everyone introduced themselves, and went through various facts they had learned about their animal including what it looks like, where it lives and what it eats. They then described how they created the art part of their project. We also made wildlife silhouettes for art, based on our ‘Wild Animal’ theme.

All the boys and girls put in lots of work over the past few weeks. Well done everyone!

Room 15 Wildlife Projects

Room 15 have spent the past few weeks working on a Wildlife project.  First we looked at animal books in the library.  We chose our animals. Next we researched our wild animals on the computers at computer time. We looked at websites like DK Find Out, National Geographic Kids and World Book Online.  As part of our written homework, we filled in a booklet all about our animals.  We used our library books and fact files to help us.  Some did the great white shark, tigers, elephant and lots of other animals.

We made wildlife silhouettes. To make it we used red, yellow and orange paint to make a sunset. We blended the colours. We added animals and black trees. Finally we stuck the animals on.

We had create fun at home making dioramas. We did dioramas on our animal project. We worked really hard on them. We could use any materials we wanted. They look FANTASTIC!! If you want to visit them, they are in Shared Area 15 and 16.

We are now telling our class all about our animals.  We are trying to be very good speakers and listeners.

by Grace Travers and Megan Mc Donnell, Room 15

Cribs and Christmas Scenes in Room 2

The boys and girls in Ms. Galligan’s class spent the past week creating some lovely cribs and Christmas/winter scenes at home. This week, they presented their creations to the class and discussed what materials they used, and the steps involved in creating them. Well done everyone!

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