3rd Class '23 - '24

Beautiful Flowers in Room 14

The children in room 14 made  lovely chalk pastel flowers. They used a blending technique, to make them look realistic. They look fantastic and just in time to welcome the sunshine!

Counties Poem in Room 14

Counties of Ireland Room 14 by School Website 

Room 14 has just finished learning all about the counties of Ireland. Today they all presented their projects and we celebrated with a special county colours day.

We hope you enjoy the counties of Ireland poem!

Stone Age Art in Room 15


Water Investigation!

For science week my classmates and I did a science experiment on water pollution. Our question: Can we clean polluted water? The answer….YES! We got a big bottle and filled it with the following items: rocks, sand, sponges and cotton wool and poured the dirty water into the bottle. Everyone really enjoyed it. Fact: over one billion people don’t have access to clean water! You can help this by not wasting water and not littering! 

By Grace Collins (3rd class, Room 14)


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