3rd Class '20 - '21

Cherry Blossoms in Room 13



The boys and girls in Ms. Galligan’s class created beautiful cherry blossom trees using pointillism. First, we painted the tree trunk and the grass. Next, we mixed red and white paint to make different shades of pink. Then we used cotton buds to dab the paint to make the blossoms.

Fingal County Council Homemade Parade!

Well done to TWO of our pupils from Ms Traver's 3rd Class who were winners in Fingal County Council's Homemade Parade Competition for St Patrick's Day. The boys both made a fantastic effort to get involved in the spirit of day which you can see in the photos below. 


You can also see a video with all the winners below. 

Winter Silhouettes in Room 13

Ms. Galligan’s class painted beautiful winter silhouettes this week. We started out with some white paint for the moon, and gradually blended in blue or purple paint to darken the background bit by bit. After that, we used black paint to create our winter silhouettes. Finally we added some snow. We hope you like them!

Skittles experiment in Rooms 13 and 14

The boys and girls in room 13 and 14 had great fun experimenting with skittles. We placed the skittles in a circle around the edge of a plate and made predictions about what would happen when we poured warm water over them. The warm water dissolved the sugar coating and food colouring. The sugar and food colouring diffused through the water to create a rainbow. This experiment was as fun as it was delicious!

A surprise for 3rd Class

There was a great surprise for all of our Third Class pupils today with the arrival of an ice-cream truck to the school grounds. This was a special treat for our lovely pupils who have shown fantastic resilience and strength with the disappointment of cancelled First Holy Communion ceremonies which were due to take place on Saturday 26th September.

We hope that their First Penance and Communion Masses will be celebrated as soon as the Churches are allowed to resume religious ceremonies.

We appreciate the support of all parents in coping with the revised arrangements for the sacraments and we commend the children on their understanding and positive attitude during these emergency times. They definitely deserved their special treat!

The children also planted some beautiful flowers to commemorate what should have been a special weekend.


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