Room 17 Winter Village Construction

Christmas Villages

Have a look at the beautiful Christmas Villages created from recycled materials made by Ms O'Reilly's 4th Class in Room 19. Incredible work - well done boys and girls!

Lines & Angles in Room 17

Ms Moran’s 4th Class have been busy learning about lines and angles. Have a look at the amazing pictures they created using matchsticks!

Can you spot vertical, horizontal, diagonal, perpendicular and parallel lines? And can you find examples of right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles?

Well done Room 17!

Room 24 Autumn Art

This week we, Room 24 took advantage of the beautiful sunshine flooding our classroom by creating autumn leaf sun catchers. This activity required fine motor skills and well developed cutting skills. We used tissue paper to create a mosaic to catch the sunlight. It is hoped that the leaves resemble stained glass art that you can see in churches. This activity was challenging yet very enjoyable. 


primary language curriculum

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