Room 18 visit the National Gallery

On Thursday 14th December our class went on a school tour to the National Gallery. Everyone was really excited about it! First, when we got there, we put our bags into a huge drawer, which was really cool! The gallery was huge! A woman called Mags guided us around the gallery. She showed us some wonderful art pieces. First, we saw a rather strange painting called “Morning in the City”, which was a painting of a town. There were many busy people on the streets, but you could not see their faces clearly. Secondly, she brought us to a beautiful painting by Claude Monet, which was a painting of the sea with a boat floating on the water. To the right of the sea were trees which had many beautiful colours, such as orange and green. We also were showed paintings by Jack B. Yeats and Caravaggio, as well as an amazing stained glass window by Harry Clarke and a magnificent new wooden sculpture recently added to the gallery after it was refurbished.

After our trip to the gallery, we made our way to St. Stephen’s Green. We had a little walk and we played in the playground for a few minutes, it was really fun. Then, on our way to the bus stop, we saw the Mansion House, and we got to see the live crib. There were two sheep, a donkey and a goat. We got to pet them, and they were really cute. Then, we got the bus back home from Dawson Street.

We had an amazing time, and we are all very grateful for our day out. Thank you to Mr. Doherty for arranging this trip. Ms O’Sullivan who came along with us to help out and the parents of some children in our class who helped out too.


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