Science Visit in Room 18

The 5th Class students in Room 18 were delighted to welcome a special visitor to their class on Thursday 8th February. Claudia’s sister Chloe is studying Science in Trinity College and came in to talk to the class about why she loves Science, what she does in the lab and the ways in which Science all is around us. She told us about lots of different branches of Science, including zoology, botany, biochemistry and astrology. We learned about DNA, genetics and how nano-scientists use electron microscopes! We’ve been learning about Nano Science in class ourselves and recently attempted the ‘Lego mitten challenge” to get an idea of how difficult it is for scientists to work on the nano- scale!

 Chloe also showed us some of her Science lab apparatus, including test tubes, conical flasks, funnels, beakers and a pestle and mortar. We were really inspired by Chloe’s visit!


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