Trip to the Dáil - Ms. Boyce’s Class Room 17

On the 6th of March our class (Room 17), accompanied by Ms. Boyce and Pauline, went to Dáil Éireann. We got the chance to watch TDs debating important topics and we also got to meet local TD Jack Chambers.

After the Dáil we each ate our packed lunches before going into The National Museum of Ireland. Inside we saw many old artefacts and had fun looking at different exhibits such as the famous Cross of Cong, ancient mummies from Egypt, the Tara Broach and Ireland’s famous Bog Bodies.

It was a very interesting day and we learned so much!

By Charlotte & Safa

Science in Room 17

For our science experiment, we made a hydraulic arm. It first seemed simple, then when we started doing it, it seemed intimidating. However, after we cut out the cardboard we knew we were getting somewhere. We glued all the cardboard together, and then asked our parents for some help drilling out holes in the syringes. Then we coloured the water and put them in the syringes. Then we put it all together. Until it worked properly. In the end, we were proud of our project and had a fun time using it.

World War 2 in Room 17

In Room 17 we learned about the Second World War and what happened. We spent a month learning about The Blitz and all the other events of the dreaded war. We also learned about rationing and how Ireland went neutral when war was declared. Have a look at some of our projects.


Comics in Room 17

In Room 17 we made comics, inspired by super heroes. Most groups started out ruling out the A3 pages in all shapes and sizes. Then we put our drawing into action. After the drawing, we coloured them in bright colours and then some outlined. In addition we added text. We tried to use words such as BOOM, POW, ZOOM, POOF and BANG. We all had a great time reading and admiring each other drawings.  

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The Christmas Shoebox Appeal

As a school we decided to participate in the “Christmas Shoebox Appeal”. All of Sixth class became involved. Our motives were driven by the fact that hundreds of poor vulnerable children would be getting a Christmas gift. We saw the Christmas Shoebox Appeal  video, seeing all those children’s faces light up with joy, as they saw their gift. We hope to bring the same joy to other children this Christmas. All we want from the shoe box appeal is to bring joy to an otherwise sad or vulnerable child and that they have an amazing Christmas.

written by Claudia.H

Room 19

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