Senior Infants '23 - '24

Aistear in Room 4

This week during playtime, Room 4 learned about Antarctica. In our construction station, we constructed science labs, polar bears, and scientific instruments. We also made Walruses for arts and crafts and our own books using Book Creator on the iPad.

Emergency Services in Room 3


The students in Room 3 have been busy learning about people who work in Emergency Services. Lots of enthusiastic young firefighters, Gardaí, paramedics and coastguards have been helping out in the classroom lately, responding to every emergency!

Science Week in Room 3

Room 3 had lots of fun during science week! We observed how chutes work in plants by placing celery in water with blue food colouring and were amazed when the chutes and leaves turned blue. We also discovered that jelly bears are able to absorb water and become GIANT overnight. 

Lastly, a huge thank you to the children in room 15 who helped us become engineers - building bridges collaboratively using different materials and testing out which ones worked best!

Room 3 Halloween

Mr. O’Doherty’s class had great fun leading up to Halloween. They made clay pumpkin pinch pots to use as decorations. Spooky costumes were also on show on the last day before the break!

Room 2 Maths Week

Room 2 have been busy enjoying all of our Maths Week activities. We have been working hard during stations to make patterns and sets using cubes, teddy bears and counters. We also played some fun numeracy-based games including 10 green bottles and snakes and ladders.  We have been really lucky to use the iPads to play maths games every day. On Thursday we worked with some 6th Class pupils and had great fun on our Maths Trail all around the school where the children counted how many shelves there were in the library, how many fire extinguishers were in the school and also identified the colours of the cars in the staff car park.

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