5th Class School Tour

Last Thursday, the three fifth classes went on a school tour to Glasnevin Cemetery and the Botanic Gardens.

We got the bus at nine-thirty and were met by our tour guide. One of the first places we stopped was where Ariane Grande had taken a picture on her tour before her concert in Dublin. We saw a lot of famous graves, for example James Connolly, Michael Collins, and Oliver Plunkett. The biggest grave was Daniel O’ Connell’s. We got to touch the coffin, which is supposed to bring good luck! Then we had a break and had our lunch.

Our tour guide for the Botanic Gardens was really nice. First we went into the rainforest section, where we saw a bamboo tree, a banana tree, and a plant that is nearly extinct. Then we went to the ‘Cacti & Succulents’ area, which was very warm! Next, we went to a Viking hut, and learned all about the huts were made, and how they used plants to die their clothes bright colours. Finally, we came across a hawthorn tree which people used to think fairies lived in, and a tadpole pond.

My favourite parts of the tour were touching O’ Connell’s tomb and getting ice-cream in Botanic Gardens. Thank you to all the teachers who helped and to Glasnevin Cemetery and Botanic Gardens for letting us come!

by Zoe Griffin and Patrick David Buie, Room 19.


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