School Activities '17 - '18

Amhrán ó Room 26!

Éist le rang a ceathair, Seomra 26, ag canadh.

An aithníonn tú an amhrán?

We composed our own Irish version of Ed Sheeran’s “Barcelona”.

Bain sult as!

Third Class School Tour

Room 1 Visit the Lab Gallery

Last week the children from room 1 visited the Lab Gallery. The boys and girls have been working with Sheena Barrett {Layla’s mum} since Christmas time. Sheena has visited us on six different occasions where the children looked deeply at paintings from various artists using Visual Thinking Strategies. The children really enjoyed the project, the visit to the Lab Gallery and working with Jane an artist in the Lab Gallery.

A big ‘thank you’ to Sheena for facilitating the trip.                                 

Second Class Sports Day!

Well done boys and girls in Second Class!

MakeyMakey in Room 19!

This week during computer time, Room 19 tried out the MakeyMakey kits that are available in the school. MakeyMakey is an invention kit for the 21stcentury, and a fun way of teaching about circuits, conductors and electricity. It allows you to replace the buttons on your keyboard with everyday objects (as long as they are conductors!)

We started by learning about the difference between conductors and insulators, and how to complete a circuit. Then we plugged into the computers, ‘earthed’ ourselves, and discovered which materials were conductive and which were not. We talked about how people make use of this information, for example why electricians wear rubber gloves, or why paramedics use a defibrillator. We were surprised to learn that most fruit and vegetables are conductive, as long as they’re fresh!

We then used some of the apps on the MakeyMakey website to play music and games, using our conductive items instead of the keyboard. Some of us were even able to play our own games that we had made using Scratch during the year.

We had a lot of fun learning about electricity and circuits, and can’t wait to use the kits again!



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