Happy Christmas!

Well done to all of our pupils on a wonderful term!

We wish our pupils, their families, and our staff a very happy Christmas. We look forward to welcoming you all back in the New Year!

Christmas Raffle Winners!

Click on the image above to view a list of Christmas raffle winners. Thank you to everyone who supported our Christmas draw!

'Last Christmas' - Room 20

Enjoy this marvellous rendition of 'Last Christmas' by Mr.O'Mahony's talented 6th Class! Maith sibh, gach duine!

Scoil Thomáis brings 'Santasaurus' to life!


One of our favourite Christmas books for readers of all ages is 'Santasaurus' by Niamh Sharkey. The story has been beautifully narrated by one of Ms.Galligan's wonderful 5th class pupils for you to enjoy - simply scan the QR code below or click here to listen!

Over the past number of weeks Ms.Steen, Collette, Tony, Mr.Kelly, and Ms.Whelan, along with a host of their talented pupils, have been busy transforming the hallway outside their rooms to reflect the colourful illustrations in the story - take a look at the captivating scenes that they have created in the video below!

Christmas Fun in Room 8!


Wow! Room 8 have been having lots of fun learning through play!

Playground Orchestra

Both our pupils and our staff were mesmerised by performances from the PLAYground Orchestra in our very own school yard! Thank you to the Draíocht, The Mobile Music School, Fingal County Council, and the wonderful Mr.Kelly for such a festive and fun morning! 

December Events

Click on the image above to see the schedule of events leading us up to the Christmas Holidays!


Aistear Activities in Room 7

We hope you enjoy this video showing all of the wonderful work happening in Room 7! Well done, boys and girls! 

1916 Artwork by Room 20

We love these vibrant pieces created by Mr. O'Mahony's class as part of their learning about the 1916 Rising. Maith sibh, gach duine! 

Christmas Library

There has been great excitement in Scoil Thomáis as classes from infants to sixth class anticipate the arrival of our mobile Christmas Library! Thank you so much to Ms.Steen and her team of librarians for making DEAR time even more magical!

Library News!

We love this new addition to our school library - a poem, written by some of our super talented pupils! 


'Bacteria on your Hands' Project - Room 22


Three of our 6th Class pupils set out to prove the importance of regular handwashing in their recent science project! They investigated the difference in bacteria present on unwashed hands, hands that have just been washed with water, and hands that have been washed properly using soap and water. They did this by collecting fingerprints from a number of peers, teachers, and SNAs using agar and petri dishes. Their project outlines their findings as well as their plans to emphasize the importance of handwashing throughout the school with pom-pom germs! The pupils and their peers have been busy making the 'germs' from wool to distribute to classrooms as a visual reminder of the importance of handwashing. We hope you enjoy this outstanding project as much as we did!


Latest Newsletter 23rd of November.

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