Lava Lamps in Room 8

Room 8 had so much fun making lava lamps during Science Week. They created their lamps using very simple ingredients -oil, water, food colouring and fizzy tablets! Well done, boys and girls!

A Recount of Science Week in Room 19!

The main theme throughout the week was Climate Change and how we can make a real difference with our everyday actions! We carried out walking debates, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of plastic. We even discovered that you can pierce a sandwich bag full of water with a pencil, without spilling a drop! Keeping in line with COP26, we learned about fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, creating our own greenhouse gas models using gummy bears. As well as this we discovered that water is denser than oil and therefore oil always sits on top of water. This was a crucial element of our lava lamp experiment. 

Finally we topped off the week by coming 3rd place in RTÉ’s Science Week Quiz: Pick your brain quiz! 

Outdoor Activities in Room 23

Room 23 had an amazing time exploring the great outdoors - they participated in games, bug-hunting, foraging and even made wooden pendants, hammocks and rope swings! Thank you to Ciara Hinksman from 'Heritage in Schools' for a wonderful day!

Congratulations, Maths Week Winners!

 Congratulations to the winners of our Scoil Thomáis Maths Week poster competition! There was great excitement on Friday as the boys and girls were presented with their prizes by our principal, Ms.Diffley, and Maths Week coordinator Ms.Travers!

Halloween in Room 1!

                         Our pupils welcomed the mid-term break in style by dressing up, visiting the spooky courtyard and going on the school walk! Mr.O'Doherty's 2nd Class captured the day very nicely in the video below!


Wishing all of our pupils and their families a happy and safe Halloween break - we look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on the 1st of November!



Maths Week in Room 21

Mr. Ryan's class took part in the Maths Week mega quiz hosted by They even got a shout out!

Halloween Fun in Room 6!

Wow! Wonderful work from Room 6- the boys and girls have been enjoying lots of fun activities on the lead up to Halloween!

Autumn in Room 8

Room 8 have been having a great time learning all about Autumn and getting ready for Halloween!


Latest Newsletter - 20th of October

Click the image above to read the latest newsletter from Scoil Thomáis dated 20th of October,2021.

Aistear in Room 6A

Room 6A were busy in the Witch's kitchen making potions! 

Project Work in Room 19

Have a look at this wonderful project work by some of our very talented 6th class pupils- maith sibh Room 19!


Maths Week in Room 22

Room 22 had a 'Rubix-Cube' masterclass from one of their very own talented pupils as part of Maths Week 2021! ! While the cubes were tricky to solve, the boys and girls demonstrated great persistence and problem-solving abilities - well done, everyone!



Gardening in Room 13

Ms Boland’s Room 13 have been very busy over the past few days in the Sensory Garden. Firstly ,we had to weed out old weeds, from last year.  Secondly, we put in new compost for our herbs to grow. Finally, we planted some new plants to add some colour to the area. We now have lemon, parsley, mint, thyme and cyclamens growing in our Sensory Garden. Take a look at some of our photographs!


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